Accelerating Retail’s Digital Transformation and Why Consumer Brand Marketers Need a SNAP/EBT Strategy

Abdus Salaam Muwwakkil
1 min readMay 1


person holds phone to check their balance

With an EBT/SNAP strategy, retailers and marketers can revolutionize the way businesses and marketers approach retail. Imagine capturing market demand and elevating brand awareness by becoming the preferred choice for EBT/SNAP recipients.

The potential is immense. In this article, I challenge conventional thinking and urge major brands to seize this opportunity. By catering to the 42 million Americans who rely on SNAP benefits, innovative retailers and consumer brands can expand their reach and redefine success. It’s time for businesses to step up and cater to this diverse market, forging deeper connections with consumers and setting themselves apart from competitors.

But first, we must shed the outdated notion that low-income consumers are not worth targeting. The $117 billion EBT market awaits. Embrace its untapped potential and secure your brand’s long-term success by reading this article and daring to think differently.

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