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  • Rui Alves

    Rui Alves

    Teacher, Life Coach, Webzine Editor, Musician ๐ŸŽธ | World citizen | Writing to find the surrogate writer in me โ€” rocknheavy.net

  • Lynn Bender

    Lynn Bender

  • Cody Norman

    Cody Norman

    High Elevation Motivation and Productivity

  • Keita Broadwater

    Keita Broadwater

  • ArtificialChat


    ArtificialChat specializes in the creation of AWS LEX Enterprise Chatbots. Our latest chatbot is at aws.glossary.chat also visit us at artificial.chat

  • Marios Daoutis

    Marios Daoutis

  • Karol


  • Alpesh Doshi

    Alpesh Doshi

    Blockchain and decentralised business models, big data, analytics, AI, digital transformation, innovation, Linkedin: http://bit.ly/alpeshdoshi

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