Unique Knowledge Graphs Applications and Use Cases

knowledge graph applications

So What is KgBase?

Product owners look to KgBase when:

  • They struggle to source reliable and accurate data from internal and external data sources.
  • They struggle with data collection because of disjointed systems and data integration issues.
  • In any exercise that involves domain experts, who may or may not be technically savvy with coding.


  • Ingest data to improve their data down the architectural pipeline.
  • Transform existing data sources that map both new and existing data fields.
  • Control access, assign business rules, and generate reports that maintain data lineage and quality.


  • Integrate data sources under a common ontology using an automation workflow.
  • Leverage neural network techniques to analyze connections and relationships, using a user interface without code.
  • Given these schema constraints, business rules, and generated reports if certain constraints have been broken.
  • Use a virtualization mechanism so users can interact with data without affecting the original data in storage.

Top 10 Knowledge Graph Use Cases

Planet in space containing immense knowledge and organisms

Startups Ecosystem Graph

A knowledge graph of the start up ecosystem across industry, major investors, and founders.

You can view the startup ecosystem project here.

Tracking public Tickers on Reddit

Oscar Nominations & Winners

2020 Oscar Nominations and Final Winners

You can see the Oscar project here.

Marta’s Milky Way

Knowledge graph of Earth’s planetary system and universe

To journey through our galaxy, see the project here.

TikTok and ByteDance Management

Organizational knowledge graph of Tik Tok and Byte Dance companies

Check out the project here

NBA Salaries

Knowledge graph of NBA player salaries for every team

Check out the NBA salary project here.

MOMA Collection

knowledge graph of MOMA art exhibits

See the project here.

500 Women Scientists

knowledge graph of famous women data scientists

See the project here.

Story Network

Knowledge graph of book authors for fiction and non fiction literary works

See the project here.

Tiger Cub Family

knowledge graph of the tiger cub family and how their companies are related

See the project here.

Celebrity Dating Chart

Knowledge graph of Hollywood and other entertainment celebrities

Check out the love fest project here.

Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Knowledge graph of top US immigrant founders and their portfolio company connections

You can see the project here.

Twitter Organizational Management

Knowledge graph of Twitter’s organizational structure, including all major personnel under Jack Dorsey

This project can be found and accessed here.

COVID-19 Articles and Coverage

Knowledge graph of media’s coverage of COVID-19, including popular word phrases associated with the articles

You can check out the project here.

Top Music Albums

knowledge graph of music genres and their connected artists, albums, and songs

Check out this cool project and listen to some great music.

Princeton Founders and Startup Ecosystem

knowledge graph of companies and founders coming out of Princeton University.

You can view the graph in action here.

For a deeper overview, you can read Luke’s summary here.

Beauty Brands

knowledge graph of beauty brands and their sub companies / products

Check out the project here.

See the write-up.

Analyzing Unstructured text: Mueller Report

knowledge graph of unstructured text pulled from Mueller’s report investigating former President of the United States, Donald J Trump for his dealings in Russia and Ukraine.

You can view the project here.

SPAC Leaders

knowledge graph of the hottest SPACs on the market

You can view the SPAC project here.

Keep Exploring:

  • Ever heard of a Data Mesh? Learn more about it here.




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Abdus Salaam Muwwakkil

Abdus helps data leaders and innovation teams deploy problem solving solutions to unlock the talents of their people and establish competitive advantages.

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